Making Data Useful

Openapp help organisations to manage their business by delivering tailored, clinically and business led information systems.

Our specialities lie in utilising open source tools to deliver innovative systems & solutions; with extensive experience in Health Intelligence, Geographic Information and Document Management

  • The RICHE Platform

Clinical Insight is a proven patient centric platform that supports clinical assessment & monitoring at patient, healthcare provider and health service levels.

It is a single, integrated solution which allows for customised data collection, transformation, analysis and advanced statistical reporting on relevant and important metrics. 

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Our GIS and mapping solutions allows you to capture, analyse and present spatial information. You can discover patterns and trends by visualising your data in maps, graphs and charts.

OpenApp are leaders in Open Sources Geography Software with extensive experience with PostGIS, OpenLayers, Map Server, Mapnik, QGIS, Geo Django and much more.

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vxVistA is the most widely used Electronic Health Record (EHR) management software in the world. Used by the U.S Veteran's Health Administration, this award-winning software has set the standard for cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive EHR management.

Commercial hospitals and health systems can now get the same benefits with vxVistA, a fully patient-centric, longitudinal EHR suite for the NHS.

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