The RICHE web based platform provides a unique, open, multi-lingual platform for child health research coordination within the European Research Area.

Previous to the implementation of this platform researchers were reliant upon disparate research repositories such as MEDLINE/Pubmed, CINHAL and SocINDEX which did not support the narrower requirement specifically around Child Health nor do they support the end user specified taxonomies (i.e. Classifications) in many languages. Through Plone, OpenApp have addressed this through consolidating external resources into one single repository with clearly defined benefits to the end-uers;


  • Current standard document management facilities (versioning control, collaborative authoring, external integration)
  • Flexible storage and administrative functionality with Zope
  • Exotic search capabilities through text parsing, stemming, and faceting, based on defined multi-lingual taxonomy


  • Journal literature classified by RICHE’s own preferred taxonomy
  • Grey literature providing valuable studies outside the traditional research communities
  • A single resource of Research Organisations
  • A single site of access for all researchers to access the relevant information
  • Integrates with popular repositories like PubMed
  • Parsing of documents against the taxonomy and present suggested classifications (faceted browsing)
  • Multi-lingual text parsing to support full text search