ERN CPMS Goes Live

ERN CPMS Goes Live

European Reference Networks CPMS goes liveThere was much excitement among the European Reference Networks on November 20th as The European Commission DG Sante released the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS).

The team here at OpenApp have been working really hard for the past 10 months on creating the virtual clinical platform that will help change people’s lives. Clinicians now have a secure platform in which to share anonymised data with other specialists about their patients, host meetings online, look and comment on medical documents all within the platform.

Take a look at what the ERNs had to say:

ENDO -ERN wrote the “CPMS will realise one of the ERNs core tasks; bringing expert specialised care to all patients in Europe”.

ERNIthaca was the first ERN to open a panel for consultation in the new CPMS:

ERN Ithaca first to open a panel for consultation in ERN CPMS

ERN Ithaca is first to use the ERN CPMS

Vascern shared it on their website – The ERN Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is officially launched.